Class Schedule

Li'l Dragons Karate 4:30–5:00 6:00–6:30 10:00–10:30
Youth Karate 5:00–6:00 5:00–6:00 5:00–6:00 10:30–11:30
Adult Karate 6:00–7:00 6:00–7:15 6:30–7:45 1:00–2:00
Jujitsu 7:00–8:00 7:00–8:00
Kobudo 6:00–7:00 5:00–6:00 6:00–7:00 12:00–1:00
Iaido 7:00–8:30 7:45–9:00

Self Defense Seminar

This two-hour private or semi-private workshop is geared toward individuals with no prior martial arts background and who don't have the time or desire to commit to a long-term training regimen. It will consist of an overview of self-defense theory and concepts and will include many basic techniques, focusing primarily on releases and controls, as well as pressure points. You will also learn how to deal with various confrontations, including escapes from wrist and lapel grabs, headlocks and holds, hair pulls, chokes, body grabs, and mugs; defense against unarmed attackers as well as those armed with knives, clubs, and guns, and rape situations will also be covered, if applicable. Basic ukemi (breakfall), striking, and choking techniques may be covered if desired. We are open to exploring any other circumstances or issues raised by the participant(s).

Self Defense Seminars are available on weekday afternoons and Sundays by appointment only. Please call or email us to arrange your seminar. The cost of your seminar will vary depending on the number of people in your group.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule your seminar.

Private lessons are available upon request

"My son has been a karate student here for three months now. He is a fun-loving, high-energy kiddo who finds most sports boring. To say that he enjoys karate at this dojo is an understatement. Usually, he gets down on himself and frustrated when he doesn't get things right the first time. I don't know how he does it, but somehow, Sensei Noah has a way of giving him feedback that he can receive without being so hard on himself. My husband and I especially love the way all of the students celebrate each other's successes, and how the higher ranks happily help the lower ranks to meet their personal goals. The night he earned his orange belt, he kept saying, 'Wow, I'm so proud of myself for passing my test, guys!' The self-discipline he is learning here will be a life-long gift. We are so thankful for the positive impact that Mountain Stream Budo and Sensei Noah has had on our boy."

Delilah S.

"Amazing opportunity for my son to learn life skills that far exceed martial arts. Sensei Noah Mitchell has been a great martial arts teacher as well as a role model for Gavin."

Matthew Tucker

"I recently earned my Sensei-rank, Sandan black belt, at MSB. After studying intermittently in three martial arts in many dojos over some twenty-five years, I can say in retrospect that I wouldn't have wanted to test for this rank anywhere else. The level of instruction is unmatched, and the knowledge, caring, and dedication brought to each class by not just the instructors, but also the students, makes MSB a wonderful extended family/community. There simply is no better place to learn "the way," as far as I am concerned, given the positive academic environment that is both supportive and challenging. I would recommend the school without hesitation to all."

Justin Braun

"As a school psychologist, as well as a father of one of the students at Mountain Stream Budo, I am fascinated by how the classes and instruction helps organize the students (my son included). First, the classes are structured to begin with spatial awareness and self-regulation, and then as each class progresses, the language and memory tasks become more targeted. Interestingly, I see that the greater the self-control the motor demands, the more likely it seems the cognitive demands and overall attention span improves. The best part is that all of the students internalize a culture of helping each other and of social learning. And so one of the best indirect benefits of training at Mountain Stream Budo is that friendships form that are not only outside of school but which have implicit social rules of respect, compassion, self-control and discernment.

The instruction blends structure, humor, language (Japanese), logic, and a sensitive understanding of the individual learners. Many times I have suggested martial arts to families as an activity to help promote self-regulation in their child or children. But when I do so, I only have the classes and instruction at Mountain Stream Budo in mind."

G. Kemp