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Mountain Stream Budo is a unique martial arts school specializing in karate, kobudo, and ju jitsu.  You have the option of choosing to study any one of these arts, or to round out your martial arts knowledge by studying two or even three of them.

We are the only martial arts school in Westchester and Putnam Counties that offers these three distinct arts under one roof.



* Self Defense * Fitness * Discipline * Focus * Strength * Flexibility * Coordination *
* Confidence * Goal Orientation * Inner Peace * Improved Self-Esteem *
* Improved Gross & Fine Motor Skills * Balance * Physical and Mental Reflexes *
* Aerobic Exercise * Weight Loss *
* Japanese Culture, Language, and Etiquette *

Children's martial arts training often results in improved grades and in improved behavior at home and at school ~ Children and adults will train in a positive environment with a constructive, uplifting atmosphere among healthy role models, which they will eventually become themselves.


Karate: This program consists of a unique hybrid of traditional Okinawan Shotokan and Japanese Goju-ryu styles.  Our system was established by Shihan Louis Stanishia in 1967.  Tens of thousands of students have trained at our schools over the following decades as the system grew from the small Blue Diamond Karate School through its subsequent incarnations: The Triangle Karate Organization (Sankaku Kyokai), The Lou Stanishia School of Martial Arts, The Mohegan School of Martial Arts, and the Yorktown School of Martial Arts.

Kobudo: Okinawa (Matayoshi) kobudo is a martial art that consists entirely of traditional Okinawan weapons.  Mountain Stream Budo is the only school in Westchester/Putnam counties that offers kobudo as a fully-formed, separate martial art.  We have been designated as an officially accredited dojo (one of only two in New York State) by the Okinawa Kobudo Doushi Rensei-kai® organization.  Renshi Noah Mitchell and Renshi Carol Mitchell are themselves students of Kyoshi Neil Stolsmark, the president of the OKDR®.  As a kobudo student, you will become a member of this worldwide organization, which was founded by Gakiya Yoshiaki-sensei, 8th dan, in Okinawa.

Jujitsu: This art incorporates jujutsu, judo, and aikido curriculum. Our style, San Yama Bushi-ryu jujitsu, was developed by Shinan Hector Negron, 10th dan, based on the Miyama-ryu jujitsu system..  Renshi Ken Manse, Renshi Noah Mitchell, and Renshi Carol Mitchell all studied ju jitsu under Shihan Gary Gione at Elite Defensive Tactics, and received their black belt ranks at Negron-sensei's dojo in New Rochelle.

Police Tactics Ju Jitsu: Police and corrections officers who enroll in this program will be given a modified Police Tactics curriculum, which includes additional gun defenses, gun retention and prevention techniques, nightstick techniques, handcuffing techniques, searching techniques, radio car techniques, keibo techniques, come-alongs and other relevant categories.  They will also learn the full civilian jujitsu curriculum at a slightly more rapid pace.

Please visit our dojo, meet the instructors, and try a free class any time.  No need to call in advance.

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Please check the News Section for Dojo Closings, Upcoming Rank Gradings and Special Events


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